Matias Ceballos is a multi-instrumentalist musician, composer, teacher and sound healing facilitator, originally from the South of Chile. He has been playing music for over 25 years, and composed and recorded a number of albums. His original music work is largely influenced by the roots of the native culture and the traditions of Latin America. Through his travels, he has come to know the true identity of the guitar in different countries of Latin America. 

In 2021, he has been granted a NZ creative with which he created the first Latin American Children Refugees Orchestra. 

In his compositions, he mixes the Spanish guitar and on stage he will take you on a musical journey playing different indigenous instruments from Latin America, flutes and string. Matias has shared his talent via key collaborations and the founding of various musical bands. He has played the stages of many well-known Festivals throughout New Zealand along with many live music venues and events nationally and internationally.