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The word ‘abilities’ always fascinated me. In one of my travels through Mexico, I got to know about the Mayan and Aztecan culture. In their cosmovision they believe that when a child is born, they come with different abilities, so when they grow up, they are specifically fostered and trained in those areas.

Everyone is therefore capable of discovering and creating new skills throughout life, of growing one’s potential so to say. To be a channel connector through sound so that people can remember all the abilities they bring to this life.


“Come make your own flute” was created with this believe. In this project I teach people specific knowledge on how to make their own indigenous flutes out of bamboo and showing them how to tune the instrument.

The first “Come make your own flute”- Project was launched in Summer 2023. From then on, I had many unforgettable moments at festivals where I taught many people this ability. I put the Latin American seed in different places around New Zealand and I’m eager to do so in the future.

Construction and Sound

How amazing to see this beautiful soul @niahenson approach me to build her own quena in Earth Beat Aotearoa festival and then receive this stunning video of her playing these beautiful melodies in a very short time. Congratulations!